A root canal declaration from the dentist can be the worst of nightmares for anyone. It may be a complicated process but can guarantee teeth health and a great smile for many years to come. The procedure can help correct your teeth’ structure and overall bone health. However, before starting the process, there are some things to know for a healthy operation and aftercare.

Post a root canal surgery; the care matters a lot in helping you stay painless and taking in a healthy diet. You will feel some level of irritation with the treated tooth, but other than that, there should be no sign of pain or discomfort. For this reason, the following post-care tips are necessary to guarantee safe recovery:

Prevent from Fracture

If you had done enough research on what is a tooth root canal? Before going to an endodontist, you would’ve found out that it requires a protective crown fitting. It is a necessary procedure that safeguards the treated tooth from fracture and bacteria or germs. This isn’t necessarily immediately after the surgery, but whenever the doctor says after the treatment is done. Makes sure the crown is fitted correctly, and the tooth is filled for long-term use amongst the natural teeth.

Chew Less

Diet is the most important during post root canal to make sure it doesn’t spoil the treatment or that you bite your tongue. When your mouth is numb after the surgery, don’t eat anything as it can cause you to bite your tongue or the treated area. You have to eat liquidly foods to prevent chewing and stressing out the treated tooth. Confide in a lot of liquids and soft foods to avoid any damage and have an easy recovery process. Drop any smoking or drinking habit for the few days when recovery is in process and take the doctor’s advice seriously.

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Rest Plentiful

You will have to take a few days off work and any other stressful exercise in the daily routine to speed up recovery. Make sure to get plenty of rest so that you don’t end up causing too much tension to your mouth or teeth. You will feel some level of discomfort, for which it is recommended to clear out your mind and help it stay calm. It will be better for a few days post root canal to stay in bed and rest as much as possible for full reclamation.


A root canal can have several side effects and complications even if care is taken. You can feel abnormalities like pain that doesn’t go after medication, swelling staying longer than a day, rashes, etc. For this reason, make sure to keep checking your own condition and follow the doctor’s instructions on any discomfort. There will be a possibility of an infection and severe irritation. When these happen, call your dentist immediately and make sure to visit the facility. Don’t take to household measures at all if you feel pain after a day or two and consult the doctor.

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