When you are having any type of surgical procedure; there are several points you have to ask the surgeon. It doesn’t matter whether the operation is minor or major; the main concern you should have is to have every piece of information before concluding on the decision. It is crucial that you know the perks and problems of the surgery.


The Proper Procedure of Adult circumcision

To the surgeons and doctors, the surgical procedure of Adult circumcision is a small one; removing the excess skin from the penis. The surgeon will explain in detail about the procedure. In the surgical procedure, the surgeon will use anesthesia according to the choice of the device. The penis of the patient will be circumcised by either using the latest painless and bloodless devices or using the traditional way. In the end, the patient is given guidance and send home.

The Motives behind the Surgery

The original concept of circumcision is associated with new-born babies; as they were circumcised. Still, in many religions and cultures, this method is practiced.

  1. The Jews and Muslims around the world perform it because it is necessary for their religion.
  2. Several tribes of Africa and Aborigines have this ritual in their culture.
  3. A lot of adults suffer from different infections and diseases so they have circumcision.
  4. Others have claimed that their partners were more satisfied with them.

The Perks of Adult circumcision Surgery

In the USA alone the majority of men are having surgery. Have you ever considered the reasons? Keeping aside the cultural, religious, and cosmetic reasons; there are several medical benefits that circumcised men and their partners get. Below are four main perks of having circumcision surgery when you are an adult.

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Problems in the Foreskin

Men at various ages start to have problems with their skin; which can only be cured by this surgical procedure. For these problems you have to visit Circumcision Center; so that proper treatment can be given.

  1. Sometimes the foreskin becomes tight men are unable to pull down or push the skin back up easily. This is called Phimosis and it is caused by low maintenance of hygiene.
  2. Paraphimosis is the condition of the skin that involves swelling. The skin can’t be put back on the tip.
  3. There are many infections and inflammations that can develop on the penis. These can cause rashes, bad smell, puss, and itchiness.

Keeping STDs from Happening

Both men and women are at extreme risk of having STIs and STDs; which occurs when people indulge in unsafe sexual activities. When men have their penis circumcised; they and their partners are at a reduced risk of having various diseases and infections.

Better care of Penis

Men come to clinics with various problems concerning the penis. The main logic that the urologists come up with is that men are not taking good care of their hygiene. It becomes very difficult for uncircumcised men to properly clean the penis. But after the surgery men have reported that it turned out to clean the penis easily.

Reduces different Cancers

There are mainly two kinds of cancers related to uncircumcised men and their partners. These can be shrunk through the surgery.

  1. In men, penile cancer is the most common one. Many of the symptoms of this cancer are identical to other infections. So proper diagnosis is necessary before coming to any conclusions.
  2. If men are not aware that they are having some kind of infection or disease and they indulge in sexual activities with females; the females are at a very high risk of having cervical cancer.
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Problems in Adult Circumcision

But sometimes various problems also develop when you have the surgery. Although, these problems don’t happen all the time, you have to be aware of it. The leading reason for telling this is to warn you; so that remedies can be taken.

Experience of Pain

If the surgical procedure doesn’t go right then the patient can experience severe pain in the penis after the surgery. On many occasions, the surgeon is not an expert in the job and can stitch the skin back in the wrong way.

Feelings of Distress

A little pain, swelling, and bleeding are normal after the surgery. But when this pain is unbearable as mentioned above then the discomfort also increases. Many men are more sensitive to the pain and react strongly. Others show very normal behavior.

Uneven removal of Skin

Never go to inexperienced and unskilled surgeons because they are not experts in their fields and can damage the skin or the penis. One problem that is commonly associated with it is that the skin is removed unevenly which looks odd.

Too much Blood loss

When the stitches after the surgery are not put up correctly then the patient loses more blood than usual. This complication can also happen in the painless and bloodless devices. The circumcision tool can be placed and used incorrectly.

Development of Post-surgery Infection

Sometimes men don’t take care of the penis after circumcision surgery and this causes post-surgical infections. This is a very rare case that can be reduced and even avoided if the men take good care of their penis after Adult circumcision.

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