When you are having any type of surgical procedure; there are several points you have to ask the surgeon. It doesn’t matter whether the operation is minor or major; the main concern you should have is to have every piece of information before concluding on the decision. It is crucial that you know the perks […]


It is no secret that a physician’s career in the healthcare sector can be a harrowing process. It involves working hard and being your absolute best long before you get a chance to become a licensed physician. It involves years of blood, sweat, and tears before finally having the privilege of practicing medicine — after

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The human body is a complex organism, capable of many incredible things. However, some primitive functions within the body are in need of a serious upgrade. One of those functions is how the body translates signals of thirst. The average adult requires a minimum of eight glasses (64 ounces) of water each day for optimal

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‘Respite’ or ‘rest care’ is the point at which another individual deals with the person you usually take care of. This break can allows you to do ordinary exercises or just to unwind, manage pressure, and care for yourself. Respite care is the temporary institutional care given to old, debilitated, or impaired individuals, giving relief

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Although stone therapy has not been scientifically proven, its number of followers is increasing year after year. Depending on its composition, each stone has different virtues and effects. Discover the semi-precious stones that can help you be more fulfilled. The semi-precious stone to relieve pain The benefits of lithotherapy can be felt on your overall

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Meditation is a useful activity if you want to fight against concentration problems at work. Indeed, meditation techniques act on our neurons by reinforcing the connection between the different regions of the brain. Concentration disorders are a problem in the workplace because they slow down the productivity of the employee. They have difficulty understanding the

Wearing braces can be scary. There is all the metal and pain, not that big, bright smile. But there is no reason to avoid smiling just because you are afraid of wearing braces. Maybe a candidate for Invisalign, which is a kind of braces that can replace traditional metal braces to straighten teeth. The following

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In the waking state, you move in a four-dimensional space-time in which all objects, starting with your physical body, have spatial and temporal limits. However, what is experiencing these limits, if not your consciousness? Does your consciousness have finite limits in space-time? Is it not a vacant space, in which all your sensations, emotions and

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Ube Ice Cream: The star ingredient is ube (pronounced OO-BAE), a purple yam that can be mashed or pureed and incorporated into sweet treats. Think ube ice cream, pudding, frosting, doughnuts, even pop tarts. If we placed a bowl of new, purple Trader Joe’s Ube Ice Cream in front of you, what flavor would you guess it is?


Low Carb Pasta: The rumors you’ve heard are true. Now you can crave pasta and eat it, too. There are plenty of low-carb pasta alternatives you can incorporate into your ketogenic diet. The recent growth in popularity of the low-carb and ketogenic diet has led to many new ways to get your pasta fix without losing sight of your

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