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Wearing braces can be scary. There is all the metal and pain, not that big, bright smile. But there is no reason to avoid smiling just because you are afraid of wearing braces. Maybe a candidate for Invisalign, which is a kind of braces that can replace traditional metal braces to straighten teeth. The following summarizes some of the main advantages of Invisalign compared to traditional metal braces.

How does Invisalign work?

Your orthodontist will perform a digital scan of your teeth before treatment begins. The orthodontist can plan small and precise movements of your teeth on the digital model until the correct bite and neat teeth are obtained. These actions on the digital model are created on a series of customizable transparent plastic aligners. You will visit your orthodontist every few months to get a new set of orthodontics. Each orthosis is usually worn for 12 weeks before the next one.


Invisalign provides convenience, easy cleaning, reduces the time to visit the dentist, and more.

Easier to clean

The traditional braces are very difficult to maintain. Whether you are enjoying a meal with your family or dining out, keeping your teeth and braces clean is a painful thing. Uses Invisalign, the alignment guide is easy to remove. Before putting them back in your mouth, brush them lightly with toothpaste and hot water.

The hint is in the title! “The difference between Invisalign brackets and traditional orthodontic solutions is their almost invisible appearance. Transparent braces are made of transparent materials and shaped to fit your teeth perfectly, which means you can barely see your Invisalign braces. It is worth noting that with Invisalign, you can smile confidently and continue your daily life. So, you can replace your brace with invisalign at the cosmetic dentistry office quickly.

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Oral Hygiene more Easy

Many patients who wear traditional metal braces will encounter unpleasant accidents when removing them: there are stains on the teeth, or worse, they may have tooth decay or gingivitis, which is gum disease This is because metal braces make oral hygiene extremely difficult. Of course, this is not impossible, but using dental floss to clean braces and wires requires a lot of time and patience. When brushing, not only clean all surfaces of the teeth, but also clean All surfaces of the braces.

With invisalign, oral hygiene is as easy as removing plastic aligners, brushing, and flossing, just like you did before starting the Invisalign treatment. You can brush the braces with a soft toothbrush or immerse them in the specially developed Invisalign disinfectant cleaning solution.

How is Invisalign different from traditional braces?

Invisalign is as effective as traditional metal braces, but with modern methods that are more suitable for an active and social lifestyle. Invisible, so no one knows what they are-unlike traditional braces, they are detachable! This allows you to brush and floss your teeth without the need for braces, which can cause tooth decay. Drink whatever you want. There are no food restrictions.

Traditional dental braces use wire and metal that can pierce and stimulate the gums. Invisalign is made of soft plastic and is comfortable to wear. People can enjoy the convenience brought by Invisalign at all stages of life. Enjoy the significant benefits of enhancing your smile with minimal impact on the look and feel.

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