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Although stone therapy has not been scientifically proven, its number of followers is increasing year after year. Depending on its composition, each stone has different virtues and effects. Discover the semi-precious stones that can help you be more fulfilled.

The semi-precious stone to relieve pain

The benefits of lithotherapy can be felt on your overall well-being. Some stones like tiger’s eye, malachite or labradorite are used to relieve physical pain. You can thus use it to alleviate certain evils like:

  • joint pains;
  • migraines;
  • intestinal pains;
  • and respiratory pain.

For example, green aventurine is often recommended for digestive disorders. It is said to have the ability to purify the organs and regulate your digestive system. If you have stomach ailments, rock crystal may be the stone you need.

To find the ideal stone to relieve you, do not hesitate to ask for the advice of an expert in the field. You can also check out specialized sites such as gem palace to learn more about the virtues of the semi-precious crystals you are taking.

Semi-precious stones to improve mental health

Generally, the followers of stones put forward their anti-stress capacity. The amethyst, as an illustration, is a stone very appreciated for its soothing virtues. It would allow to be more serene and less prone to anxiety.

It is also the case of quartz-rose which is advised to fight against the deep anxiety. These crystals would also support a better sleep. To reinforce their power, you can associate them with hematite or howlite.

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To keep a good morale and fight against negative thoughts, you can use among others shungite, citrine or lapis lazuli. These stones will help you to calm your mind, which will help you to improve your lifestyle considerably.

Semi-precious stones to regain self-confidence

Finally, lithotherapy is a practice that can help to regain self-confidence. Indeed, some stones would have the power to give courage or to help to communicate better. This is the case of amazonite.

Still called the stone of truth, it would allow you to express your feelings openly. You can therefore use this stone to face your fear of judgment. You can also turn to the turquoise stone. This stone calms anger and promotes fulfillment.

So whatever your ailment, you can find a semi-precious stone to relieve you.

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