Oral health is a vital aspect of general human well-being. Good oral health reduces the risk of gum diseases, dental caries, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Besides, having a clean set of teeth is a powerful social booster as it helps you relate freely with people. On the other hand, poor oral hygiene could put a big dent in your social skills and confidence.

Thankfully, there are several innovative toothbrushes in the market today that aim to promote good oral hygiene. Please keep reading to learn more about these toothbrushes and their helpful features.

What Are the Vital Features that DIstinguish Electric Toothbrushes for Others?

The development of toothbrushes has gone a long way in history. At inception, people used chewing sticks made from tree bark. These sticks are readily available, but the downfall is that they’re hard on the gum. People with sensitive teeth might have a hard time using them. In the fifties, the manual toothbrush was invented and proved to be a significant improvement over the chewing stick. It also spurred the invention of various kinds of toothpaste. To date, these brushes remain in use all over the world.

The electric brush came in later to ease the brushing process. A battery powers it and can be charged for use at a later time. A similar Improvement over the electric tooth brush is the supersonic variety that buses ultrasound waves and technology. An electric toothbrush exceeds its counterparts with the following unique features.

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Various brushing modes

These brushes offer a variety of cleaning modes depending on the purpose and tooth type. There’s a default daily clean mode that guarantees a more efficient job than its manual counterpart. Then, you can choose how deep the brush cleans your teeth. Sometimes, especially at night, all you need is a gentle cleaning and not the rugged type that’s typical of mornings.

You can also adjust the cleaning speed, essential for people with sensitive teeth. Brushing too fast might cause avoidable pain in a sensitive tooth. Thankfully, these electric brushes come with a massage and gum care option. Lastly, there’s a mode that helps you clean your tongue to refresh your breath whenever you want.

Inbuilt timer and reminder

Dentists recommend that people should clean their teeth at least twice daily. The most common routine is before breakfast in the morning and after dinner. Some electric brushes come with an inbuilt timer and alarm system. The alarm system sends you a reminder whenever you skip your brushing routine. Conversely, the timer helps you ensure that you clean your mouth within the recommended duration. Primarily, dentists recommend two minutes to clean the mouth. Anything less than that might be ineffective and contribute to having dental caries in the long run.

Brush head variation

These electric brushes come with gentle bristles with a round shape. These bristles are gentle on the mouth and may promote sustained whitening without the need for additional procedures. The heads are also designed in a way that they touch every corner of the mouth. Additionally, they come in various sizes to cater for children and adults alike.

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Inbuilt protective sensors

The gum is a powerful yet delicate part of the mouth that must be adequately protected. People with bleeding disorders are at increased risk of discomfort if anything happens to the gum. Thankfully, these electric brushes have sensors that protect the gum from bruises. The mechanism of action is that the sensor alerts you while brushing whenever you’re applying excessive pressure on the gum. This way, you’ll be able to imbibe proper brushing techniques and protect your gum from bleeding and other diseases.

Bluetooth feature

Some of these brushes come with an inbuilt Bluetooth technology that can be connected to a mobile phone. Some electric toothbrush manufacturers have official mobile applications that can help you monitor and objectively evaluate your oral health. These apps can be connected to the toothbrush you use to assess your brushing routine objectively.

This feature can also help you ensure overall well-being since you’ll be able to take care of your oral health. Additionally, you can get real-time feedback from the app on your performance through Bluetooth technology.

Final Words

To summarize, these brushes are certified and recommended by dentists worldwide. This certification is partly due to their powerful plaque-removing abilities and ease of use. Besides, the inbuilt timer helps people to remain consistent with best practices, especially twice daily brushing.

Typically, when you buy one, you should expect a unit of electric toothbrush or more, depending on the number you order. The pack also comes with a USB charger and port. Some manufacturers also include a toothbrush holder and hanger for seamless placement in your home. You can easily pack it in a box on a journey as long as it’s charge or has working batteries at the time.

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