Meditation is a useful activity if you want to fight against concentration problems at work. Indeed, meditation techniques act on our neurons by reinforcing the connection between the different regions of the brain. Concentration disorders are a problem in the workplace because they slow down the productivity of the employee. They have difficulty understanding the scope of the task assigned to them because they have not given their full attention to the explanations. Beyond work, these disorders can impact our family life and our relationships with others. Indeed, the lack of concentration can be perceived as a total lack of interest for others. So, if you have difficulty staying focused, read this article carefully.

What are concentration problems?

You don’t know if you have these problems, but you realize that work is becoming more and more difficult. So we have compiled a list of symptoms for you, so you can see more clearly.

  • Loss of memory: Generally, one forgets almost systematically information transmitted by a colleague
  • Distraction: Reading a document is complicated because nothing attracts your attention (noise, movement, etc.)
  • Difficulty in carrying out long assignments
  • Lingering on a task that requires little time

Now that you are aware of the symptoms, let’s see the 4 exercises that you should do to improve your concentration.

1 – Focus on your body parts

Feeling each member of your body or each organ is not given to everyone. And for good reason, caught up in our daily lives, we tend to forget the essential: to refocus on ourselves to better evolve. It is the same for work, evolution requires productivity and productivity requires concentration, energy, etc.

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What better way to improve your concentration than to learn to focus on your body parts. Don’t worry, we have an exercise to help you find yourself:

  • Sit in a calm environment to facilitate the entry into meditation
  • Get yourself in condition: concentrate on your breathing, close your eyes and free your mind from all thoughts
  • Try to visualize each part of your body, feel their presence and concentrate on them
  • Start from the feet and work your way up to the head
  • Try not to let any thoughts interfere, if not, refocus on the meditation

2 – Deep breathing to improve concentration at work

Deep breathing allows us to completely reoxygenate our body through the accumulation of inhalations and exhalations. In addition, this exercise causes a slowing down of the heart rate and therefore allows to calm down and fight against stress. In addition, deep breathing requires concentration in order to feel all the organs involved.

  • Take a sitting or lying position according to your wishes
  • Get yourself in condition: close your eyes and free your mind of all thoughts
  • Concentrate on your breathing: feel each inhalation and each exhalation (slow breathing)
  • Repeat this for a good ten minutes
  • Try not to let any thoughts interfere, if not, refocus on the meditation

3 – Walking as meditation

Commonly called the meditative walk, it is practical because it can be done easily if you choose the place that calms you. Indeed, the place you choose must be a source of calm and quietness without too much noise.

Here are the different steps to enter into meditation through walking:

  • Get yourself in condition: open shoulders and straight back posture
  • Concentrate on your breathing: inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth (5 repetitions)
  • Start walking without rushing, take your time
  • No thoughts should distract you, if not, refocus on the meditation
  • When you reach the end of the path you have defined, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. “And repeat again.
  • Test a meditation session at work with a certified coach!
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4 – Refocus on our senses to increase our concentration at work

Human beings have 5 senses: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch. We live such a fast-paced life that we don’t appreciate our senses to the fullest. After all, it is through them that we can fully experience the world around us. So focusing on our senses allows us to appreciate each interaction with the world more and to be in the moment. Here is how to do this simple exercise:

  • Put yourself in condition by sitting in a quiet place to better feel your senses: close your eyes and let yourself go
  • Allow 5 minutes for each of your senses in order to feel them better
  • Taste: close your eyes and try to visualize and concentrate on the taste of a food you have eaten
  • Smell: focus on what you smell at the moment while keeping your eyes closed
  • Hearing: always with your eyes closed, concentrate on the slightest noises you hear, the singing of birds, the ringing of a bell, etc.
  • Sight: try to see everything around you without moving your head
  • Touch: Touch an object without looking at it and try to visualize its shape, to become aware of its volume…

Finally, beyond the fact that these exercises allow you to improve your concentration in the workplace, they allow you to live in the present moment. So, don’t waste any time to learn how to refocus and dispel any distractions.

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