Low Carb Pasta: The rumors you’ve heard are true. Now you can crave pasta and eat it, too. There are plenty of low-carb pasta alternatives you can incorporate into your ketogenic diet.

The recent growth in popularity of the low-carb and ketogenic diet has led to many new ways to get your pasta fix without losing sight of your health goals.

Pasta is a staple in international dishes from all over the world. And, much like bread and rice, pasta takes up its fair share of space in the store. The variety of pasta available to consumers today includes all different shapes and sizes to complete any meal, making it difficult to resist.

Whether you’re craving fettuccine alfredo, meatballs and marinara, or rotini with a creamy tomato sauce base, these low-carb noodles make the perfect substitute for traditional pasta. Simply swap one of the following options in your favorite pasta recipe, and bon appetit!

What’s a foodie to do when you adore pasta, but you’re trying to cut back on carbs or switch to a diet with a lower glycemic index? Simple. Try some of the low-carbohydrate alternatives we found. Not only do they contain fewer calories than the regular stuff, but many have added protein and fiber, and are available in vegan, organic, and kosher options, too.

Skinny Noodles Shirataki

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Great Low Carb Bread Company Fettuccine

Atkins Cuisine

Skinny Pasta

Explore Cuisine Organic Black Bean Spaghetti

The Only Bean

Banza Chickpea

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Fiber Gourmet Light Penne

Organic Edamame

Al Dente Carba-Nada Variety Pack

How many carbs are in low carb pasta?

It has 41 grams of carbohydrate per one cup serving of cooked pasta—all of which are absorbed by the body.

Can I eat pasta on a low carb diet?

Pasta. The same amount of whole-wheat pasta is only a slightly better option at 37 grams of carbs, including 6 grams of fiber (22). On a lowcarb dieteating spaghetti or other types of pasta isn’t a good idea unless you consume a very small portion, which isn’t realistic for most people.

Is veggie pasta low carb?

The vegetable enriched pasta is slightly lower in calories and carbohydrates, slightly higher in protein and vitamin A. The real question in my mind is whether this product really does offer the nutritional equivalent of a half serving of vegetables in every 2 ounce serving.

Is lentil pasta low carb?

From chickpea elbows to lentil lasagne, these lowcarb pastas are made from ingredients you’ll feel good about eating. Let’s be clear: Carbs aren’t the enemy. Whole grains like oats, barley, and rye are packed with critical nutrients, from digestion-friendly fiber to zinc, iron, magnesium, and folate.
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