What Things Can DNA Testing Reveal About You?

With just a little bit of saliva or a few urine stamps, DNA testing can help you discover so much about your body that you originally didn’t know. DNA genetic testing takes it one step further as you can potentially prevent the onset of many genetic diseases through timely protection. However, there is so much more than you can potentially find out through a DNA test.

While it is mostly famous for finding if you have any far relatives around the world, DNA testing can also reveal unique information about your mood and body. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the most interesting things that a DNA test allows you to discover.

Sleep Quality

You might not believe it to be true, but DNA testing can actually reveal if you are a deep sleeper or not. If you believe that your sleep cycle is disturbed, you can get your DNA tested to find interesting things about you. There are two variations of the same gene named CLOCK that is responsible for regulating your sleep cycle. If you have two-early bid genes, you will be more tempted to sleep and wake up early. Two early bid genes mean better sleep and an overall good health. On the other hand, if you have the night-owl gene, which only 7% of the population has, your sleep schedule will be messed up.

Level of Endurance

If you want to find out about your endurance level, you might be interested in DNA testing for the ACE gene, as it tells a lot about a person’s endurance. If you have a good amount of ACE genes, you might be very likely to travel long distances on foot and run for a longer period. This gene causes a specific enzyme to dilate the blood vessels, allowing more blood to be pumped into the organs. As more blood is pumped, muscles receive a faster inflow of oxygen, causing you to work out for a longer period.

Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s

With the help of DNA genetic testing, there have been lots of strides have been made in the health industry. One of the biggest benefits of going for genetic testing is that you are able to find out how liable you are to catch certain diseases, Alzheimer’s being one of the most prominent. If you have someone in your family that suffers from Alzheimer’s, it would be best if you get yourself tested and find out where you stand. If there is a chance you might end up developing Alzheimer’s, you can start caring for yourself beforehand.

Depression Treatment

Another area where DNA testing comes in very handy is in depression treatment. If you are receiving medication for depression and it is not working for you, it might actually help you to get your DNA tested. Sometimes variation in genes can affect your body’s response to some specific medications that are most often used to treat depression. So, you can actually use the DNA data to make sure that you are taking medication that reacts with your body positively.

Skin Aging

Last but not least, you can also get some insight into your skin condition by going for gene testing. There are certain modifications of collagen-modifying genes in the body. The more dominant these genes are, the more liable you are to a collagen breakdown, which leads to decreasing your skin’s elasticity and promoting skin aging. If you find out you are at a higher risk of collagen breakdown, you can start taking collagen-controlling supplements at the right time to reduce the breakdown.

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