Kidney Transplant is Expensive, But Not in India

Surgeries are not easy and at times inconvenient due to the cost of treatment. One such highly required yet costlier option is a kidney transplant. People keep postponing the Kidney Transplant procedure and depend on dialysis to maintain their health. 

However, it may not be a permanent cure for the sufferer. They require to visit the doctor again and again for dialysis, which is neither convenient nor efficient. 

Keeping the facts and needs of the hour, Kidney Transplant Price in India is minimum. The surgeons here make all the efforts to offer not only kidney transplant but all the medical procedures at minimum cost. So, it can be in an affordable range for all. 

Cost Structure of Kidney Transplant Procedure in India:

  • The price for a kidney transplant in India depends on the following factors.
  • The Renal Transplant Centre that you choose for your treatment
  • The doctor you want to perform the procedure on you
  • The fees of the medical team performing the surgery on the patient
  • The overall medical health of the patient, as the proceedings of the treatment, depending on the health problems. If someone suffers only the kidney issues, then the cost of treatment is less. If the patient experience some other health disorders along with kidney issues, then before the kidney transplant, the doctors treat different problems. It is essential to make a patient fit for kidney transplantation. However, the cost for such patients a bit higher.

  • Apart from that, your treatment cost also depends on the price of diagnosis.

  • Before, initiating the treatment procedure diagnosis is a must. The doctors plan on your treatment only after you are detected with end-stage renal issues. If you are diagnosed with a problem in other significant organs, then the doctor would recommend the diagnosis for that part of your body too. It leads to an addition to the overall price of treatment.

  • Also, the time you take to find a donor will make you undergo dialysis until the surgery. It can be a further add on to the price of finding the permanent cure for the health disorder. 
  • For a transplant, a patient needs to stay in the hospital, but the number of days spent on the treatment at the treatment center is specific to a patient. If the condition of the patient is severe, then the patient has to spend a few days in the hospital before undergoing surgery. It is recommended to achieve stability in the body to bear with the kidney transplant procedure. The same applies to the days spent in the hospital after the surgery for recovery. Higher the number of days lived at the treatment center; higher are the charges of the overall procedure.
  • The reasons stated above are some of the significant ideas for increasing the cost of treatment. However, there can be some other small aspects too specific to an individual.

Final Words:

The Cost of Kidney Transplant Operation in India irrespective of all the inclusions affecting the price of treatment remains the lowest. So, for all those looking for effective results for kidney failure and a savage to your pocket, India is the right destination to avail the treatment

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