Inhaling Perilous Content – The Safety Border between SecondHand Smoke and SecondHand Vapor

A sign effortlessly visible in most public places, ‘smoking kills’, is taken for granted by a vast population. Its significance has somewhat dissolved and is not understood by the public anymore. Sadly this is due to the over-normalization and advertisement of the cigarette industry that the youth and an uneducated population choose to use the harmful chemical

Smoking indeed kills and makes a person consume the most harmful chemicals in the world in the quickest and the deadliest way. Several cancers, as well as other dangerous health complications, are associated with it. 

Concerning the matter of secondhand smoke, the dangers are not dismissed if you aren’t smoking the cigarette directly, but the smoke still ends up getting in your system. The smoke let out by a smoker is equally harmful to the smoke that one inhales during smoking. And the damage is doubled by getting secondhand smoke as well as sipping through a personal cigarette. 

So is an e-cigarette’s secondhand vapor equally harmful to the smoke of a conventional cigarette? Follow on below as we explain to you how vape can save you from dangerously, chemically bombarded cigarettes and their secondhand smoke:

The Difference

Vape pens and other similar products are often seen coming under fire for their similarity to tobacco cigarettes. The harmless device is thought to be a culprit in destroying people’s lives and producing lung illness. But the truth is that it actually prevents these things from happening by being a safer substitute for a cigarette. 

While a cigarette uses combustion, creates oral health issues, diminishes lung vigor and circulation, a vape can bring back the health factors and not destroy smell and taste. Vapes are also tastier than cigarettes and don’t implement compulsory intake of harmful chemicals. And most importantly, your e-cig doesn’t produce the toxic smoke that a cigarette does or burn to move into the lungs. 

Does Not Cause Smoke

The single most detrimental factor about cigarettes is that they use combustion as a form of entering the body through the lungs and the bloodstream. And through regular consumption of this smoke, the lung starts to damage quickly with a ton of other complications. The same happens with secondhand smoking. 

On the other hand, vapes are entirely clean of the smoking aspect. It does not produce any smoke but unharmful vapors that also don’t harm a non-smoking inhaler. Vapes also benefit by not including the harmful elements of tar, CO, and many more. 

A better Cessation Approach

As much as smoking is prevalent and a never-ending increase in smokers’ population, are there smoking stopping implementations. However, a handful of them works, and only some help addicts from relapsing. But when vapes come in, they provide an easy lay off from the harmful chemicals and process. As a smoker transcends to vapes from cigarettes, the process of weaning off becomes easier and plausible. Thus this may be a better cessation approach than the many others acclaimed to work in a couple of days while this fight is to be fought long term. 

Control Over Intake

Another interesting fact about vapes is that they let you decide the number of chemicals and nicotine you want to add in your pen. With this, you can control your intake and diminish it, reducing it to nothing. This fact also makes them a better approach to quitting their smoking habit. Moreover, to avoid secondhand vapes getting into your system, you can use a vape with a lower vapor output. You can also add breath-freshening flavors so that the vape inhaled doesn’t ruin breath. 


Cigarettes don’t only ruin the health of the body but also the condition of a smoker’s pocket. These killing instruments are costly, and using them regularly can cost a fortune. Vapes being 95% safer than cigarettes are also that much cheaper. You may have to spend a few bucks to buy the cartridge one time, and then the liquids don’t cost much. At the same time, it seems crazy to use something so dangerous as a cigarette and lose all your savings on it. This makes vapes a cheaper quitting method as well.

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