Natural Ways to Reduce Uric Acid Levels

If uric acid is found excessively at regular check-ups, it may also be that the patient has joint pain, no stone – that is, no symptoms. Then it is called asymptomatic hyper euricemia. Allopurinol, etc., is not started. The patient’s lipid profile and blood sugar are known. All the tests have to be done to find out if he has cancer. What is the patient’s lifestyle, whether you are eating excessive junk food, alcohol, beer, red meat, or not – all to see.

Normal levels of uric acid in the blood

In the case of men, there should be 1 in the case of women and 3-5 in the case of women. But in those cases where gout or kidney stone has been in place, it has to be between 1 and start treatment only if it goes a little higher. Again, those who are studying in an asymptomatic group can be treated if they have levels of 5 or higher.

This is called a genetic disease

No, uric acid is not exactly a genetic disease because it can also be due to lifestyle with genetic factors. Therefore, if the parent does not have the uric acid of the child, it is not. It is not possible to say in advance whether or not there will be gout or a kidney stone in a family with obesity, high blood pressure, or other problems. Rather, an unhealthy lifestyle, regular junk food, red meat, alcohol consumption can cause this problem. How The Hader Clinic treats alcohol addiction, please visit here

Uric acid or tomato increases by playing tomato? So what would be the diet chart of uric acid?

Tomato is a very nutritious vegetable. It has many qualities. However, it is true that the uric acid is slightly increased, so exclude the seeds and eat the tomato sauce. In addition, bed vegetables, lentils, soybeans are rarely asked to eat less because of the high levels of protein. But keep in mind that even with all these foods, excluding vegetables, uric acid may be reduced. As a result, the focus will be on the lifestyle. Only the bedding, the elimination of mustard seeds is not the last. The patient will increase blood pressure by thinking about what to eat and what.

How difficult is the binge eating

First of all, say beef, beef or pork, meats, fish eggs, shrimp (mainly molasses, eggplant), crabs – exclude any seafood from the list of foods. If the shrimp is eliminated, it will also work well on the lipid profile. For those who consume alcohol (mainly beer) – their uric acid may increase.

What kind of diet should be followed for uric acid or not

You can eat small fish, the white part of the egg freely. High Cholesterol, triglyceride can be eaten 1 egg a week without problems. Red meat in meat, eat low-fat native chicken with the exception of the liver.

How to treat uric acid?

National drug tamsulosin is given for chronic pain caused by the ureteric stone.

A stone smaller than 5 millimeters is usually left out. Otherwise, it is said to be like a urologist. Antibiotics are given if there is a urinary tract infection. Although gout is prescribed certain medicines, painkillers with antacids but ice bake, feet should be raised and rest is advised. Before this time, the pain in the bone marrow was then reduced to allopurinol, a drug named Febuxostat. However, some drugs may cause problems again.

There are side effects of uric acid drugs

Treatment of uric acid can be given to a patient without any medication, only if tested well. Allopurinol can cause a rash blister on the skin. The aggravation of these side effects can be such that the patient may die of Steven Johnson Syndrome. Again from Fabuxostat, ischemic heart and ischemic brain disease are feared. As a result, not all medicines can be given to all, as the doctor understands the problem of the patient. According to the condition of the patient, the doctor determines what will be done according to the situation.

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