Five Important Things About Glaucoma Surgery You Must Know

Glaucoma is a condition in which the optic nerve gets damaged over time. This condition often gets linked with pressure building inside the eye. People generally do not get glaucoma until later in life. And most people do not get any signs or symptoms early. It is why it is necessary to visit a doctor so that they can diagnose the condition of the eyes.

Does Glaucoma Surgery Help?

Patients diagnosed with glaucoma get oral medicines, and prescribed eye drops to reduce the pressure formed inside the eye. If medication and eye drops do not prove useful, and the condition shows no improvement, an ophthalmologist may suggest the surgery. Some people want to go for the surgery instantly to avoid putting their vision at risk. In case you wish to consult with an experienced eye doctor, make sure to find the best eye hospital for glaucoma treatment in India

But before you prepare for glaucoma surgery, you need to keep in mind some essential facts about glaucoma surgery. Here are the five critical things to know about glaucoma surgery.

  1. Types Of Glaucoma

It is essential to understand the type of glaucoma one has before preparing for a surgical treatment. The two most common types of glaucoma are open-angle glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is a chronic condition that stays for a longer duration. On the other hand, closed-angle glaucoma occurs suddenly and is an acute condition. 

Glaucomas generally affects both the eyes. In case glaucoma is in one eye, it means it was caused by certain factors such as inflammation or injury. Some people get glaucoma with prolonged use of steroids in one particular eye. 

Depending upon the cause and type of glaucoma, the ophthalmologist suggests the most suitable treatment method.

glaucoma treatment in India
glaucoma treatment in India
  1. Glaucoma Surgery Methods

Laser treatment is the most advanced and best method used for glaucoma. The three different laser surgery types are- 

  • Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty– This method unclogs the eye so that the fluid can drain out. The doctor usually treats half of the clog to see if the function is improving before addressing it further. 
  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty– In the case of argon laser treatment does not prove useful; the doctor may suggest selective laser trabeculoplasty. In this method, the surgeon uses a low-level laser to target the pressure spots to release the fluid. 
  • Laser Peripheral Iridotomy– In this type of glaucoma surgery, the surgeon uses the laser to cut a small hole in the space between the iris and cornea. Through the tiny hole, the extra fluid drains out relieving the pressure. 
  1. Preparation During Treatment

The eye surgeon may conduct laser surgery in their private clinic or a hospital. At first, the doctor will numb the eye. The patient should not feel the pain, though there could be a slight burning sensation during the treatment. The doctor holds a unique lens and aims the laser to the spot that needs treatment. The duration of the treatment depends on the condition of the concerned eye.

  1. Post-surgery Recovery Phase

The recovery time varies from one patient to the other. Depending upon the complexity of the eye condition and the type of surgery done, the recovery period is generally within three to six weeks. Post-surgery patients must follow the advice of a doctor and follow all the restrictions strictly to recover quickly. The doctor may advise patients to avoid doing any strenuous activity during the recovery phase.

  1. Success Rate Of Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma surgery has a very high success rate. Patients can perform their daily activities without difficulties after the recovery. 

Bottom Line:

Also, before you get ready for the surgery, discuss the risks involved and the complications regarding glaucoma surgery with the eye surgeon. Whatever queries and doubts you have must be cleared beforehand. 

It is advisable to stay on the medications as prescribed by the doctor and continue regular eye checkups after surgery. You must see the doctor after at least after every six months to check the condition of the eye. Following the doctor’s instructions is the foremost important thing to keep your eyes healthy after glaucoma surgery.

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