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Technology has been changing at an alarming rate across all sectors of the economy. The world of medicine has not been left behind. In the recent past, tens of cool medical devices have surfaced online that help diagnoses, treat, and manage different conditions better. This list provides some of the coolest and the most innovative medical devices in the year 2020.

CustomFlex Artificial Iris

The eye is the most noticeable part of the human body when you look at anyone. People who have a defect on their eyes due to accidents and other medical procedures have a hard time concealing the loss of an eye as most prosthetics come in different colors from those of the natural eye. Fortunately, the CustomFlex artificial iris is an injectable device that has been customized to mimic the iris of the patient who intends to use it. It comes with controlled light entry, an aperture, and opaque material. It can be used for both aesthetic and medical reconstruction of eyes.

GentleWave System by Sonendo

GetleWave System is an innovative root canal cleaning system that is minimally invasive. It offers a more comfortable procedure than the standard root canal treatment that involves lots of damage to the tooth. The system also reaches the microscopic spaces in the root canal that the dentist cannot reach with the standard procedure. GentleWave uses a broad-spectrum, closed-loop ultrasonic system paired with advanced fluid dynamics and enhanced chemistry to ensure thorough root cleaning. Besides, it makes the procedure a lot easier by getting rid of the majority of instrumentation required in the standard procedures. Most dentists complete root canal procedures using the technology in one day as opposed to several visits with the standard method.

Pro Air Digihaler by Teva Pharmaceuticals

Medical professionals rely on data and patient history as part of their disease management and treatment planning. Patients with respiratory system conditions such as asthma can record their inhalation data with the digital inhaler to share the same with their doctors. The inhaler comes with built-in sensors that detect every time a patient uses that inhaler and measures their inspiratory flow. The device comes with a smartphone app that patients install on their devices. Whenever a patient uses it, every inhalation is sent as an event. The data is then sent to the app through Bluetooth and stored for review by the medical practitioner.

Mitraclip Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair Systemby Abbott

Most patients with primary and secondary mitral regurgitation often go untreated due to the cost and risk involved in the treatment process. Fortunately, Abbott’s MitraClipTranscatheter delivers treatment options to such patients. It is a minimally invasive catheter-based therapy device that eliminates the need to have open-heart surgery. The device has a positive safety profile and has demonstrated a significant reduction of mitral regurgitation. Besides, patients that use the device experience fewer hospitalizations due to heart failure. Those who are already in hospital record shorter stays for the same problems.

Cala Trio by Cala Health

Cala Health has created a bracelet to help reduce hand tremors. It offers the first non-invasive technology that targets the source of the tremor without requiring the patient to take prescriptions or visit the clinic. The essential bracelet is comfortable to wear on your wrist and calibrated with specific settings to handle the tremor symptoms of the patient. Due to the customization required, the device is available by prescription only. It measures tremor on the hand and sends a gentle electric stimulation to the radial and medial nerves. This stimulation travels to the brain and interrupts the ventral intermediate nucleus, which is usually the source of the tremor.

E5 Fiix Elbow Device

The E5 Fiix Elbow Device is an at-home automated physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow relief. This cool tennis elbow medical device allows those with the injury to skip the relentless physical therapy appointments and take care of it themselves at home. It was invented by therapists as an effective treatment for tennis elbow and simulates what a physical therapist would do at the PT clinic to help you. Follow their program which includes a combination of using the device and stretching exercises. It works by increasing circulation to tendons boosting oxygen and healing properties, which can stimulate healing and may help to reverse any degeneration.

Medtronic Implantable System for HeartWave HVAD and Remodulin

The Heart Wave HVAD system from Medtronic is an assistive device used on the left ventricle of the heart to aid the heart muscles and help increase the volume of blood that circulates around the body. In the past, this system has experienced several recalls due to issues with different parts, with the recent being the battery. The new device is an implantable system and an infusion system implanted into the patient for the delivery of Remodulin to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. It comes with a clinician programmer and a programmable pump.

Zephyr Endobronchial Valve System by Pulmonx

Pulmonx Zephyr endobronchial valve system is an implantable lung device to reduce over-inflation of lungs in patients with severe emphysema. It has a one-way silicon duckbill attached to a self-expanding retainer that comes with a silicone membrane. Doctors use a flexible bronchoscope to implant the device and lead it to the diseased parts of the heart while allowing the healthy parts to expand and decrease reducing the shortness of breath. It has valves that stop the air from entering the diseased parts of the lungs when the patient inhales.

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